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Apparently when asked what would make working from home that little bit easier the correct answer is not 'to be able to stay under my duvet'. So, in the celebration that you may either be preparing to go back to the office OR you're getting far too much excitement from the work-from-home vibes and need something to jazz up your home office - we've got you covered.

Here we going to take you through our favourite work-from-home essentials that we love and, in addition, are rather luscious too.

Disclosure: This article may get compensated for the products reviewed and linked to by the companies who produce them. All of the products are personally recommended, for I would not share any items I would not use myself. Furthermore, I am an independent writer and the reviews and recommendations are done based on my own opinions.

1. Home Office Mug

Okay, so we may be completely biased - considering I am also the proud owner of Royally Mugged Off, however, there are so many other customised mugs out there that are just looking to move into your home office. Check out the pics below to a few of our favourites:

2. File/Book Storage

Storage has to be a favourite, especially for a hoarder like me. Check out the images below for our recent favourites on Etsy that are sure to add style, and in addition professionalism, to your storage needs!

3. Stationery

I know I am not the only person to feel giddy the moment I see a stationery aisle appear in a shop (!). New pens, new notepads, new rulers and, in addition, new Polly Pockets (apparently these are now called punched pockets... how was I never told this?!). Anyway, nothing beats it. Opening a new diary and writing into it like I'm nine years old again with the temptation to sniff the page afterwards. Fyi, I know I wasn't the only one with scented gel pens - which were one of the best inventions of the 90s - if not a bit drug glorifying, but what's the scent of popcorn pens between friends.

a mini notepad, with pen, that reads 'it's a wonderful life, this weeks teeny tiny pleasure was:' with space to write a sentence or two.
Makes notes with @wearebreadandjam

4. Planners

Who doesn't love a planner? We've done our searching through ETSY and dug out our favourites - we cannot get enough of them! What's more, there are also options to download instant planners and print them at home. See more below.

5. Cute Office Decor

Ok, so it might not go down as an essential per se, but for your home office to feel comfortable yet professional you're best to add finishing touches - in the realm of cute office decor! Additionally, if you need any office decor inspo we thoroughly recommend hopping onto Pinterest and using their search for neutral colour schemes for offices.

5. Desks

Now, desks aren't the cheapest of things to treat yourself to but they do make it all the more deserving when you buy them from a local business that prides itself on using 'hand make rustic furniture from sustainably sourced wood' Check out our one of our new favourites to dream over @PastosCo

a wooden desk, handmade, with office equipment neatly on top.
Visit @PastosCo

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And just like that, we have completed our list of Work From Home Essentials. Have we missed anything out that you'd recommend? In fact, be sure to drop by again as I'm sure as the weeks go on we'll have another one of these posts to drop! In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments!

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