5 Free Image Sites: Free Images to Use for Business

The internet is full of images, so many in fact that 3.2 billion images are shared online daily. That's a whole lot of cameras clicking! But, one thing that is essential when using images on the web, whether it be for your own personal blog or to add to your designs you plan on selling, is having a license and/or the right to use them. Here we go through our favourite free photo stockists that we adore, and use all the time, when it comes to sourcing our most loved images on the web.

1. Unsplash

Not a total surprise, I hear ya! But we do love a bit of Unsplash. I found this website a good few years ago when I was first on the search for images I could use on my then-blog without worrying about commercial rights. Not only are the images on point with the leading trends but they're also amazing images that you can find yourself getting lost in. So much so that I find myself quite often just scrolling around the website to find pretty images to look at. I'll add a couple of my favourites below, and if you like what you see then be sure to check them out!

a country-style dining table with a low cast lighting, white wall and oak furnishings.
Home Style
a picture of a mother crouched, talking to her young child in the middle of the street - both smiling.
Parenthood @scoutthecity
a clothing rail with a pale pink t-shirt, a belt and pair of jeans hanging over the rail.
Clothing/Fashion @AlexaGorn

2. Pexels

Pexels is another great website to search through when you're looking for free photo stockists for your blog. There are thousands of images that are bound to catch your eye, including these three from some of our favourite photographers.

an aerial view of a brown wooden chopping board with a freshly baked loaf cut in half.
Food with @geraud-pfeiffer
a woman, wearing a white linen dress with a hat, standing within a large field of greenery.
Scenery with @tiago-cardoso
a person pictured sitting upon a large ray of mountains, with their husky, whilst wearing a bright yellow raincoat and holding a camera.
Living the dream @roman-odintsov

3. Raw Pixel

Raw Pixel is a website I have only recently discovered! It offers a vast amount of content including free graphics, public domain images and paid premier content with a subscription cost. You can go through the licenses on their license page, which makes it easier to differentiate between what you can and cannot use.

Unlike other free content websites, RawPixel offers various different formats, including PSDs, PNGs and Vector Graphics to name just a few!

a girl drawn from behind, using an online paint program, with a short brown bob and wearing a white shirt.
Rearview of a woman on a beige background vector (https://bit.ly/3naoKGi)
an digital ink drawing of a woman, with short black hair and wearing orange trousers, dancing.
A woman dancing (https://bit.ly/3n9sXdy)
a digital pen drawing of a woman sat on a sofa, with her feet on a red rug smiling at her dog, who is on his back legs looking up to her.
Cute woman and dog digital drawing. (https://bit.ly/3lWogEC)

4. Pixabay

A warm welcome to the first free-image website I found! I had no idea that the others existed when I stumbled across Pixabay and I adored it! There are so many images that you can find yourself getting stuck in. From Wildlife photos to illustrations, videos and vector graphics (all of which are of high quality and available in various sizes) you'll definitely find the content you're after.

5. Burst by Shopify

A newcomer, but a pretty good one! Burst is an image provider by the creators at Shopify. All images they have are high definition AND are public domain images so they are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.

And just like that, that's our favourite free image stockists that we just had to share. Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to try them out too.

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