Why Are Reviews So Important?

Leaving a product review is typically the main reason you would hear from a bigger company after you've made a purchase. They'll ask you to tell them what you think of the item, why you'd recommend it and sometimes you'll be asked your opinion on the service you experienced during checkout and then with delivery. Here we're going through a list of 5 things that make leaving a review important, and why you need reviews on your Etsy shop.

1. They showcase your product to drive further sales

Having a quality product is a necessity, however, having a positive review shared (whether it be publically word-of-mouth or using online platforms like social media and blogs) has never become more essential as we all become more accustomed to the digital way of life.

In a survey by PWC, they found that "...nearly half (45%) of digital buyers worldwide said that reading reviews, comments and feedback on social media influenced their digital shopping behaviour". So, when you sell a product and someone leaves a review that is then shared, and when you also share it, it can have a positive impact!

What's to lose? Take this as a nod to make sure you also leave reviews for when you buy products. Especially from small businesses!

2. Reviews Boost your SEO Ranking - making you more visible

Overall, your product(s) having detailed reviews will give searchers more trust in the product. So, the more your item is bought, favourited, liked and/or shared then the brighter the green light is for websites like Google and Etsy to increase the exposure of your items - which results in your products crawling to the top of search engines.

Furthermore, Etsy uses your shop SEO score (which increases with each purchase and positive review) as a "factor when ranking listings in search placements".

3. Reviews increase confidence in your brand - it helps build trust

The great thing with social media is being able to showcase your product and exactly why buyers need it. However, if you lack in having any previous feedback about a product then there is little proof of approval. For example, if you were to share your digital planners as the best thing, you couldn't stand up to this claim without proof. So, having reviews for it will show that others have benefited from it. So, by showing real reviews you're building confidence in the product and increasing the overall chance of gaining another buyer.

4. They provide ideal feedback

Honest, real feedback is essential for any kind of business, if you want it to grow. Instinctively you might not want lower than 5 stars. However, by getting a review lower than 5 you should take note of why that has happened. Has the reviewer gone into detail? Have they said what has stopped them from offering a full 5 stars? Did they make predictions on the items future? Take note of these yourself. Where you do not need to act on every single statement, it is always a good idea to give each a moment and think about whether you could improve, for example, someone may comment that they enjoy the product but it is just missing that personal touch or a reviewer might share that the planner is missing some key pages that would really have completed it for all-year-round...which takes us to reason number 5!

5. They reveal what products you SHOULD be creating

Not all reviews have to be about what is good and what is bad. Yes, the majority of reviews will either consist of stars or both stars and minimal comments - however, sometimes a review can inspire an idea. If a reviewer shares that they're unhappy with a product then check their reasoning, is it something you can fix? or is it perhaps something you could change altogether and offer as a completely new product? If a comment shares that different colours or sizes would be nice then instead of taking it as a criticism take it as advice from creating your next product. Having a new product out can be daunting, but having a new product launch when there is already a prospective buyer in line can flip you right into your next sale!

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And that's why reviews are so important! Have we missed out on another reason? We'd love to hear it in the comments!

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