Rumour Has It I've Been a Busy Bee

Hi everyone! So, my last post was full of intention and hope. And then I simply lost my way with attempting to do five things at once.

As someone who enjoys jumping into challenges with both feet, I was not prepared for the Christmas rush to coincide with an editing job and brain fog. But, thankfully, whilst I lacked hugely in the updating of this website site I did have a brilliant Christmas season of sales. This rolled over to 2023 when the Christmas that just passed was our best ever! With hundreds of orders out the door, I would be lying if I didn't say that this Busy Bee released the biggest sigh on Christmas Eve when reality hit that that was indeed it for 2023.

So, it's now 2024 (what!) and there are big plans for the year ahead. Of course, these plans include updating this blog as much as possible with everything I am learning as I go because let's be honest when it comes to things like Etsy in general or starting a business online... there is no stopping. There is always something new to learn. Which means there is always something new to share.

I hope you'll join me for the ride this time and hopefully, I won't get too lost and forget to return.

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